Democratic Party drops pro-India language from its 2012 platform; big change from 2008 language that praised India

By Niraj Warikoo
In its new platform released Monday, the Democratic Party has removed the pro-India language it had in its 2008 platform. 
In its 2008 platform, the Democratic Party gushed over India, saying: “With India, we will build on the close partnership developed over the past decade. As two of the world’s great, multi-ethnic democracies, the U.S. and India are natural strategic allies, and we must work together to advance our common interests and to combat the common threats of the 21st century.”
In a separate section, the 2008 platform also said the U.S. should be “deepening our ties to vital democratic partners, like India, in order to create a stable and prosperous Asia.”
That highly positive language is now gone from the 2012 Democratic platform, which merely says about India: “We will continue to invest in a long-term strategic partnership with India.”
That’s a big change from 2008, which compared India to America, describing both as “great, multi-ethnic democracies” and “natural strategic allies” who face “common threats.”
It’s unclear why the pro-India language was dropped for the 2012 Democratic platform. Was it pressure from certain groups? A sign of displeasure from the Obama administration with India? Or maybe an attempt to appear more neutral in a sensitive part of the world?
In contrast to the Democratic changes, the GOP inserted pro-India language in its platform this year, reported Rediff last month. “We welcome a stronger relationship with the world’s largest democracy, India, both economic and cultural, as well as in terms of national security,” the 2012 Republican platform read.  The positive language on India in the 2012 GOP platform – more positive than in 2008 – was noted by Foreign Policy. 

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