Anti-Islam rally last year that attracted Quran-burning pastor was organized by singer of anti-Muslim rock band

The gunman in the Sikh temple shooting Sunday was part of the white power music scene and led a racist band, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.  In Michigan, there is an anti-Muslim rock band whose singer had organized an anti-Islam rally last year outside the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn.  After meeting with Dearborn officials, he decided  not to rally at the mosque, but later rallied at Dearborn City Hall.

Here’s an article from last year on it:



Free Press Staff Writer

Wednesday, 4/20/2011

Page 2a, Detroit Free Press

A rally that Quran-burning Pastor Terry Jones plans to attend Friday outside a Dearborn mosque was first organized by a Marlette man who has controversial views about Islam.

“It’s just a perverse ideology, ” Frank Fiorello, 35, told the Free Press. “There’s nothing holy about the Quran. It just preaches violence.”

After meeting last week with Dearborn officials, Fiorello has pulled out of the rally. It was his plans that drew the attention of Jones. In 2008, Fiorello formed a Michigan group to speak out against Shari’a and jihad. Called the Order of the Dragon, it refers to a group in the Middle Ages that fought against Muslim Turks.

On his Facebook page, Fiorello talks about violence, saying “danger and death are but my playthings.” A rock band he plays guitar in, Crude Legacy, has anti-Muslim rock songs he posts on his group’s Web site.

In one song, the band declares, “We’ll hack through Turkish flesh and bone, watch the minarets fall down.” In another, “Mosque of terror, minarets in flames, they bring the horrors, so we’ll do the same.”

Fiorello once wrote that the prophet Muhammad was a “madman.” Another time, he wrote: “I want to throw a pig head into a Friday prayer night at ye ole mosque of terror.”

But Fiorello said in an interview: “We’re a peaceful group…. I don’t want to see Muslims get attacked.”

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